Dr Donna Arya

I have been in the BIPA EC since 2014. I have been joint secretary since 2016. In my 6 years of continuous service for BIPA, I have been on the organising committee for the conference every year. I have attended many meetings and have grown with BIPA. In my role as joint secretary, I have been able to work closely with the president to coordinate meetings, reach out to the membership and assist with strategic planning.

I have leadership experience in my role as London representative on the PTC. Representing the trainees’ issues and collaborating at a national level with trainees and senior members at the RCPsych was an amazing experience that has taught me how to take projects from a planning to implementation stage nationally. 

As BIPA is now a charity, as well as continuing to service its membership, I would like to see it reach out to the community. I would like to arrange community events to support charities and reduce stigma about mental health in our communities.  

I enjoy and have a lot of experience in teaching. I would use my training as a mentor, the skills acquired during my BSc in Medical Education and since then to think about how we can skills share between our memberships. I found a lot of support and mentorship through BIPA and think we can promote and formalise this more. 

I was born in the UK and had a traditional upbringing. I hope to attract more second generation Indians to BIPA. I have increased the profile of BIPA amongst medical students and through Twitter.

BIPA has been my family and guide. I have had the opportunity to come into contact with many inspirational members and officers. BIPA has taught me a lot and I hope to continue learning and being inspired as a BIPA officer. As vice president, I hope to continue my work and be a part in raising BIPA's profile even more and to increase engagement with the membership to drive BIPA forward in a way that presents the membership and what they would like from BIPA. 

Recently, inequalities BAME face have come to the forefront. It is vital that we address these. This has now becomes everyone’s issue. I will build on the work of BIPA members in this area.  


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