Dr Venkatesh Malipatil

It’s with great pleasure, I joined the BIPA executive committee in June 2018 I represent Eastern division on the Specialty Doctors and Associate Specialists’ (SAS) committee at the Royal College. In addition, I represent the SAS committee on CPD advisory board and Trainee Support Group (TSG). 

My clinical role involves working as Specialty doctor, full-time in Old age psychiatry at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. This is a field of psychiatry I am passionate about and have been in this role for nearly five years. Apart from clinical work, I am quite interested in quality improvement (QI) and had the opportunity to be a QI Fellow at the Trust level. Other interests include reflective practice and mentoring. 

Doctors in SAS grades have predominantly felt undervalued and lacking in recognition and status. There is a feeling we have been overlooked, particularly in terms of professional development. BIPA as an organization is committed to raising the profile of the SAS doctors at the regional and national level. I along with my other committee members would be working hard to ensure that the issues are heard and solutions sought. Please free to get in touch with us at BIPA. Look forward to working with you all.

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