Dr Hari Subramaniam

I am a highly experienced and motivated senior Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry with experience in clinical practice, research, education, academia, and the NHS. I was the Clinical Director to the £25 million Mental Health services for older people forms 2012 -2015.

I was the regional TPD for Old Age Psychiatry Higher training with Health Education East Midland from 2015-2017.

I am a Hon Senior Lecturer with the University of Leicester and have strong academic links also with the DeMontford University Leicester. I am interested in service research.

I chair the National specialist advisory Older People’s Quality Network group that set the 1st ever national standards for inpatient care within older peoples inpatient units (QNOAMH -OP 2016). This Quality network-helps information sharing within inpatient units for older people with mental health problems. This network is responsible for setting national standards for older people’s inpatient care- the gold standard leading to an older people’s inpatient unit being accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Nationally there are about 60 such accredited units; we accredited about 10 units last year.

I am a Peer reviewer involved in Royal College Accreditation visits involving quality and governance visits to older peoples inpatient units.

I am a Specialist advisor to the CQC.

I am a Special visitor to the Office of Public Guardian and the Court of Protection.

I am passionate in the role of medical education and training and I am hoping to be involved in setting up medical training initiatives that help medical students from the developed world experience and train in time-limited structured cross-cultural training programs that help them experience medical training in the developing world.

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