18 APRIL 2020

Notice of invitation for the post of BIPA Vice- President (VP) and Executive Committee posts (5 Vacancies)


I, Dr Ashok G Patel the Returning Officer for the forth coming BIPA elections invite applications for following posts.

1. Vice President : One post ( two years duration)

2. E C Members: 5 posts

We usually have 2-year term of office (extendable for further 2 years). Some of the current EC members have completed their term of office, so these vacancies. We will now be recruiting for the next 2 year term 2020-2022.  The newly appointed BIPA EC colleagues will be working closely with Dr Ananta Dave, incoming BIPA President and rest of the Executive Committee. BIPA is the largest diaspora organisation in psychiatry in U.K. and a mental health charity. BIPA achieved charity status in October 2016.
These are voluntary, non-paid roles.  The eligibility criteria are that the  

individual should be a BIPA life member, a motivated team player and able to commit to attending at least 75% of Executive Committee (EC). Most of the Executive meetings are currently held virtually through on-line platforms. A small number of meetings attendance in person and willingness to travel on a weekend is required. Although these roles are not onerous, we are looking for colleagues who are reliable, committed, flexible and have good communication skills and are able to deliver

assigned tasks in a timely manner.
Please forward a copy of your cv relevant to this post along with your statement. The application needs to be endorsed (name and signature will do) by two life BIPA members, one proposer and one seconder.

An email endorsement will also be accepted.

The closing date for receiving applications is Sunday 31/05/2020 @ 17:00 hrs. Please forward your application to
If we have more applicants than the number of available posts, we will hold an election. The election process will be overseen by an Election Officer and on-line voting ballot.
Best wishes
Dr Ashok G Patel FRCPsych, DPM

Returning Officer


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