Northern & Yorkshire

Dr Ezhil Anand, Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning Disability at Bradford. He organized the very successful Leadership conference at Bradford in October, 2013.


North West

Dr Arunprasad Chidambaram, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist working with two trusts – Calderstones and Merseycare. He had earlier worked as an Executive Committee member of BIPA.



Dr Mohan Chawla, Consultant in Forensic services based at Doncaster.

Dr Latha Velayudhan, Clinical Academic Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist working at the University of Leicester and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Email:

Dr Mithilesh Jha, Consultant Psychiatrist at Lincoln is also a Medical Manager and heavily involved with MRC research projects. Email:

Dr Ramesh Shankar, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust. email:


Dr Savitha Eranti is Consultant Psychiatrist at East London Foundation Trust working in Early Intervention in Psychosis. She has a PhD from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London.



Dr Kamala Chandrasekar is one of the Senior Psychiatrists in Scotland and one of the founding members of BIPA. She has been BIPA’s solo torch bearer in Scotland for the inception of BIPA.


Dr Bapuji Rao Velagapudi, Consultant in old age psychiatry in Gwent, South Wales. He is one of the founding members of BIPA. He served in various capacities including as treasurer of BIPA. He was the Past president of Welsh Psychiatric Society &Vice chair of Royal College Welsh Division.