Promoting Mental Health Care

Promoting and protecting mental healthcare – We have carried out a series of events both in the UK and in India. Most recently in Bradford we organised a Mother’s Day program relating to the challenges of ageing and parental relationships amongst Indian communities. We have also used the opportunity to debate structural issues in the NHS during our Annual Conferences, most notably in considering the Francis Report. In India BIPA organised workshops and lectured to medical students and psychiatric trainees. A specific training workshop was conducted in 2012 with the help of Mumbai and Mysore universities. Every year BIPA participates in the annual national conference of the Indian psychiatric society, presenting workshops, seminars and discussions helping psychiatrists from India to improve standards of service care delivery in India. Similarly BIPA, through the Indian global psychiatric initiative organises training programs for junior psychiatrists in India. Many other program are mainly directed to improve the mental health services in India. BIPA also have links with the Indian Association of geriatric mental health which is an independent organisation of all the professionals working in the field of older peoples’ mental health, including doctors. BIPA has organised workshops and seminars and given talks to this organisation’s members to improve the mental health services for all the people in India.


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