History of BIPA:

There has been an organization in existence in the west named IAPA (Indo-American Psychiatric Association) since 1984. Dr Babu Rao Chaprala and Dr Harish Gadhvi following their return from a conference in the USA in 1995 initiated the idea to set up BIPA and called all interested parties. On 20 October 1995, a preliminary meeting was held by few Indian Psychiatrists and due to encouraging response and further four meetings the birth of BIPA became a reality. The steering executive committee with frequent meetings led the mantle. Over 20 years the membership grew with Psychiatrists from India, Sri Lanka Nepal and Ireland to more than 500 life time members.

BIPA has always been a dynamic organisation, by stalwarts with long-term vision and far-reaching progressive ideas. This led to various reports all these years. In 2006-2008 a proper database of the members was created and introduced organisational governance. This was improved in 2010 by introducing trainee prizes to psychiatric trainee from any nationality. The annual conferences became more academic, open to all, with speakers invited from UK and abroad. In 2012 SATs of leadership workshops and workshops for consultant interview for psychiatric trainees from all background were organised for which past President of Royal College of psychiatrists, Prof Dinesh Bhugra and BIPA President Prof Bhaumik. This was very popular among trainee’s and senior psychiatrists. During this time and following years, members, under the auspices of BIPA organised public education meetings in Birmingham, in Bradford, in Derby and in London. BIPA also organised an important seminar on Francis report in 2013, inviting public figures who were leading the public involvement against the NHS Trust.

BIPA has been organising training workshops and programs for trainee psychiatrists and to public for the last 10 years. In 2013 (April), You BIPA collaborated in Mumbai with “Ummeed” a charity to raise awareness and train staff to care for children and young people with autism. BIPA also conducted a public education seminar and press conference in 2013 about dementia. People also conducted very popular and demanding training sessions and workshops for medical students and psychiatric trainees in India- in Mumbai, Mysore and Mangalore.

BIPA has been associating itself with Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) and has been presenting seminars, workshops and lectures during annual national conference of IPS. BIPA has been organising few sessions at these conferences along with the Royal College of psychiatrists, UK. BIPA has strong links with Indian Global Psychiatric Initiative(IGPI) which is an organisation of overseas Indian psychiatrists and has been presenting teaching sessions in various IGPI conferences. BIPA

This is an exciting period in BIPA’s history as we have amended our constitution to become an inclusive organisation to forge links with other psychiatric organisations like Royal College of Psychiatrists and mental health charities, to help public to educate over mental health matters and reduce stigma, to help psychiatrists to improve their cultural competence to effectively support current mental health initiatives of UK government and also to improve recruitment to psychiatry and training in UK.