BIPA Objectives

To protect and promote good health for the public benefit among people with mental illness or intellectual disability, in particular but not exclusively people from BME communities, by
Advancing Education

Advancing education in mental health and intellectual disability and undertaking training and promoting research, the useful result of which will be published

Working With

Working with statutory bodies, healthcare professionals and other organisations to assist in the improvement of mental healthcare provision

In order to meet our Objects we aim

  • To promote education and research in psychiatry in the UK, for the improvement of mental health services.
  • To organise conferences and workshops both for members and the wider public.
  • To organise education and research events with other mental health organisations in UK and Indian Psychiatric Society and other psychiatric organisations in India.
  • To raise awareness of relevant events organised by other organisations.
  • To bring to the attention of practitioners relevant publications and scholarly articles to help them keep up to date with current thinking.
  • To establish funds and awards to promote the cause of mental health in this country through research and supporting young practitioners in attending conferences.
  • To work collaboratively with similar organisations both in the UK and in India.
  • To work with organisations such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists to recognise the training needs of practitioners from ethnic minority backgrounds who may deal with patients from similar backgrounds.
  • To work with Mental Health providers and Mental Health charities to improve access to raise awareness and support for patients.

BIPA Events

Past Events


4th IGPI Conference – 13th And 14th Jan, Bangalore India

We invite you to be part of this outstanding and stimulating conference that goes beyond the conventional psychiatry programs.The 4th IGPI promises to be another outstanding meeting taking place following the ANCIPS in Bangalore India.


Cognitions for Casc Training Programme

BIPA Members can access the Cognitions for CASC training programme at a discounted rate.

Our Partners